~ since 1984 ~

Small Munsterlander..... born to hunt!!! 

For over 30 years I have enjoyed working with my Small Munsterlanders (or in Dutch Heidewachtel). Through my experiences as both handler and trainer of hunting dogs, I noticed that there is much unknown about this breed as well as working dog as family dog. 

I like to welcome you to this website and would like to share my experiences with you and tell you more about this unique breed.

Enjoy reading!

Marjo Hagoort

 I am a member of

  • Dutch Small Munsterlander Association  (Nederlandse Vereniging van Heidewachtel liefhebbers)
  • German Small Munsterlander Club (Verband für Kleine Münsterländer e.V) Landesgruppe Westfalen-Lippe
  • Belgian Small Munsterlander Association (VZW Belgische Kleine Münsterlander Vereniging)
  • Dutch Hunting Society (De Jagersvereniging)
  • French Small Munsterlander Association (CFMEL)
  • NOJG